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2015 Crash Facts

​Texting while driving, reaching for something that dropped on the floor, or adjusting GPS or other electronics. These types of distractions played a role in the 21-percent climb in distracted driving-related fatalities in 2015 from the previous year, according to data from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety.

Don't Take Your Bike on a Wasted Ride

​Every year, about one-third of riders killed in motorcycle crashes had been drinking. That's a problem that needs to stop. Don't take your bike on a wasted ride. Ride sober. If you do have a couple drinks, line up a sober ride. Motorcycle Dial-A-Ride is an organization that will provide free sober rides for both the rider and their motorcycle when other options are not available.

See Something, Say Something

​Restaurant patios. Bike trails. Walking paths. Anywhere you go outdoors people are enjoying the summer weather. Help keep it safe for everyone. If You See Something, Say Something. Call 911 to report suspicious activity like an unattended package or someone trying to break into a restricted area.

Featured Video

Video Description: Get an inside look at MMSC’s Basic Rider Course. The new MMSC video in the DPS MIC’D UP series shows beginning riders as they navigate a motorcycle, some for the first time, and learn basic riding skills. The video highlights some of the exercises students master during the 14.5 hour course.
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